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Nesha Nycee: Hip Hop Artist Shares How Surviving Two Near-Fatal Accidents Helps in Shaping Her Music Career

Nesha Nycee - Instagram
Nesha Nycee – Instagram

*Atlanta, GA Nesha Nycee is a popular hip hop artist based in Atlanta. Recently, she shared video with her more than 40k social media followers of a near-fatal car accident that she walked away from without a scratch. This was the second accident in which she’s survived in the last 10 years.


The first car accident, which happened in 2011, left Nycee without a pulse and once she arrived at the hospital, she lay unconscious for 4 days. Her road to recovery would take 9 months. With the most recent accident, Nesha Nycee walked away from an overturned car, which had been hit while exiting a parking lot, without a scratch or any broken bones.  


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WATCH UNTIL THE END. GOD IS REAL In a Split Second your life can change just like That In this Video I am in THE BLUE CAR waiting to turn…..and then the unthinkable happens. In the 2nd video you see me walking in the street while someone is trying to console me from the Shock I Experienced. When the Paramedics Arrived they Expected worse they couldn’t figure out how i survived this without a scratch or a broken bone. It’s called FAVOR… in 2011 I was in a fatal accident where I didn’t have a pulse and was unconscious for 4 days that was the worse 2ime of my life && 2/7/20 here we are Again! I REALLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT PLEASE STREAM MY LATEST SINGLE “STRUGGLE MADE US” B/C IT EMBODIES THE CHALLENGES I FACE DAILY! THIS DIDNT BREAK ME IT ONLY TURNED ME UP A MILLION TIMES HARDER!!!!!!! My Everything @international_reecee 4 always being by my side!! Thank you @officiallyedi for coming to the hospital to sing at my bedside. Thank you for your concern. LOVE YALL TAG @cbs46 @cbs46 @cbs46 @fox5atlanta @fox5atlanta @fox5atlanta

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Born in St. Louis, MO and raised in Atlanta, GA, Nesha Nycee is not allowing the challenges she has faced to stop her from pursuing her dreams instead she uses them to push herself more. Sharing eerily similar circumstances with another hip hop star, Kanye West, Nesha Nycee is pushing through in much of the same way that Kanye did after his brush with death. To date her musical accomplishments include having her music featured in the HBO series Euphoria, which is executive produced by hip hop megastar Drake and starring Zendaya, being the opening act for hip hop legends The Dungeon Family and others, performing on the top rated hip hop radio show, Sway in the Morning and opening the sold-out Audio Mack Atlanta’s Hometown Show to name a few.


Nesha Nycee says, she knows there is “purpose for her being here” and she looks at being a double survivor as just the testament to fuel her pursuit to hip hop stardom.


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