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‘Onward’ Producer: We’d Do A New Movie About Lena Waithe’s Character (EUR Exclusive/Watch)

*This March, don’t miss the enchantment of Lena Waithe and Octavia Spencer in Pixar Animation Studios latest film “Onward.”

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas spoke with castmates Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, director Dan Scanlon,  and producer Kori Rae about spin-offs, manticores and magic.

FT: What can you tell us about Lena’s character the cyclops cop?

KR: Lena is phenomenal! We were so thrilled to get her into the movie! She brought so much to her character Officer Specter. Her [voice acting] sessions were absolutely amazing! She’s brilliant, she would improv for an hour. I want to make a whole new movie about Officer Specter, we already have the material. She basically wrote it all and gave us a back story.

Disney & Pixar’s ‘Onward’

FT: What can you tell us about Octavia Spencer’s character Corey?

DS: Octavia plays the manticore, whose a great warrior from long ago. It’s never said in the movie but she’s 1,000 years old. Corey used to go on quests and used to send other people on quests but like the rest of us overtime got comfortable, a little egotistical, and a little scared of taking risk. She wants to keep her tavern but like a lot of us she stopped challenging herself.

With Octavia playing her, it was like having two different characters. She’s got the stressed out and scared version who is just trying to make ends meet and selling herself out. Then she has the great manticore who is a warrior, fearless, and super over-the-top comedically. During Octavia’s sessions she would start at two and go to 11 and then back to two and go to 11, which only she can do.

Disney & Pixar’s ‘Onward’ features the voices of Tom Holland, Chris Pratt and Octavia Spencer as Ian, Barley and the Manticore (© 2019 Disney/Pixar)

FT: If magic existed and you could ask someone a question who would you ask and what would you ask?

DS: That’s [one of the] points of the movie…Talk to people while they’re around. Don’t be afraid to say something and ask questions.

Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” opens in theaters on March 6th.

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