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Wait. What?! Singer Aveon Falstar Alleges Sexual Affair with Wendy Willams’ Husband Kevin Hunter – WATCH

*Lord have mercy! And we mean that. Folks we’ve got some out-there, crazy ish to report concerning Wendy Williams‘ soon to be ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

You see, Hunter’s story – which includes allegedly fathering a child outside of wedlock and subsequently being fired by Wendy as her husband – just made an extreme left turn. From seemingly out of nowhere a singer named Aveon Falstar is alleging that he and Hunter used to be butt buddies on the down low.

Falstar, for whatever reason, shared this “very interesting” info with Tasha K in the video above at about the 7:05 mark. He broke it down as to how the whole sexual encounter allegedly happened. It began when his talent as a singer led him to be in the audience during the warm up session  for “The Wendy Williams Show.” The warm up guy asked him to show if he blow and he did and ultimately got the attention of Kevin Hunter who signed him to some kind of agreement. In any event, he says that a sexual relationship resulted that had an imbalance of power that he claims made him see himself as a “boy toy.”


We warn you ahead of time, dude describes the alleged sexual encounter between them so graphically, you’ll wanna throw up and gargle. It’s that vivid. Mind you, he’s saying this, all nonchalantly and stuff, while his wife is sitting beside him snacking on something while looking like nothing he was saying was a big deal to her. And as far as we know, as of this posting, Hunter has not responded to this allegation by Falstar.

But wait! There’s more. Tasha K also had Falstar giving up the deets on what he supposedly knows about Hunter and Sharina Hudson, the woman who is said to be Hunter’s mistress and baby mama. Would you believe Hudson, whose full name is Sharina Nicola Hudson, is the reason Hunter signed Falstar. Yep, Hudson convinced Hunter to do so.

As we reported earlier, Wendy Williams filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter on April 10, 2019 after over 20 year of marriage. They have one child, Keven hunter Jr, 19. We can only wonder what he’s dealing with in his head.

Need we remind you that Aveon Falstar’s allegations about Kevin Hunter are his and were made in a public forum.


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