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Tennessee Church Shooter Sentenced to Life Without Parole – VIDEO

*Emanuel Kidega Samson. You may have heard the name because of his fatal role in the shootings that took place at a church in Nashville. Well, you should also know that it took less than just 2 hours to deliberate a sentence against him.

According to a newspaper in Tennessee, the 27-year-old killer was found guilty of 42 counts which included first-degree murder; he will be spending the rest of his days behind bars for the 2017 shooting. He had been involved in the shooting at Chapel Church of Christ in Burnette and had caused the death of Melanie Crow – a 38-year old who was in the vicinity at the time. Emanuel Kidega Samson had also managed to injure about 7 other people.

Witness Account

In late September, a woman named Crow went to the parking of the church to get herself a cough drop when the gunfire had started. Samson had then managed to attack her once on the face and as many as three times from the back.

Her sister-in-law, Amy Miner, was also present at the church and said that her family was very excited to see just how bright her future seemed before the incident. After the shootings, the victim’s sister Bridget Polson said that she is still haunted by the image of her life being torn apart by Samson’s gunfire.

It wasn’t just her sister though; her whole family had developed post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident.  This was the case even when they had been spared from seeing the body after the incident.

Severe Mental Illness

Even though his psychiatrist had confirmed that Samson was suffering from a severe mental illness, the court didn’t find him legible to plead for the insanity defense. This was because of the fact that the court found that his mental illnesses did not preclude him from planning out his actions or even appreciating the wrongfulness of his actions.

After this, Emanuel Kidega Samson had also been made ineligible for parole. Brenda Enderson, who was one of the victims of the shootings, said that she had been holding her breath for 2 years for such a sentence. Now she said that it seems like they can breathe out for the first time.

Investigators present at the scene had also found a note in the shooter’s car that clearly stated that his actions were in retaliation against the shootings that took place in a church in South Carolina in 2015.

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