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Reasons Why it is Awesome to Be a Black Gay Man

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*At first glance, it might seem like being both black and gay will make things two times more difficult  since you’re technically “a double minority.” Let’s dispel the popular misconception by exploring the possibilities and looking at the bright side of being both a black guy and gay.

Below are just some of the reasons why it’s awesome to be a black gay man.

1.     The Most Pro Gay Rights American President Ever Is Black

You know who openly supported gay rights to the point that his tenure was the one in which more work was done for the LBGT community than in the history of the United States? To give you a hint, the man we’re talking about also happens to be the coolest president ever! Of course, he’s none other than the only black president of the United States, Barack Obama.

In addition to his outstanding oratory skills, a wicked sense of humor, that deep voice, and his liberal views, Obama is also known for his blatant support for LGBT rights. His stance on homosexuality and his support for gay rights has dispelled the notion that Blacks are generally more homophobic than other races.

2.     Many Pioneering Figures Fighting For Gay Rights In The Sports Industry Are Black

The sports arena has seen men like Michael Sam, Derrick Gordon and Jason Collins come out recently leading a wave of change in the sports arena. These new additions to the pack come as quite a pleasant — and welcome — change. These men among others are helping to reverse the discrimination against gay men across collegiate and professional levels of sports. Since they are both gay and black themselves, this has highlighted persistent issues, all while giving them more visibility in sporting circles.

Besides, it was quite a moment when Jason Collins came out with a bang on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

3.     You Can Call Out Black Folks for being Homophobic without Being Called Racist

Every now and then, we see a well-meaning non-black gay rights activist being bashed for racial prejudices towards the Black community as they call them out for being homophobic. Being both black and gay gives one dual consciousness, allowing black gay guys to raise a voice against homophobia within the black community.

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