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South Central LA Author (Clifford Jordan)’s New Book on Life and Humor

ceejus speaks
Ceejus Speaks by Clifford Jordan

*NationwideCeejus Speaks: Hey God, Come Get Your Boy! is what happens when a boy born in the roughest hoods of South Central LA learns that intelligence can’t be bound by hoods and that an ex-drug dealing hood cat can become a true wordsmith and intellect. All hood, all radical thinker, all compassion and all too real. Ceejus Speaks by Clifford Jordan is the culmination of a voice finding its freedom and speaking it clearly.

Ceejus Speaks is basically a book of essays about life, humor, power, family, and subjective nonsense. Overall, it’s about finding your unique path in this life. The author took a unique path to get to that point, but it’s a path worth following. To quote the book and author. “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am not even close to being completely sane, nor are most of the people I know. We are all short a few pieces of a complete Lego set. So the game now becomes how well can we play with the pieces we have left.”

About the Author:

Clifford Jordan was born June 1964 in Los Angeles at the now defunct, but once renowned Queen of Angles hospital. He was born the 5th child of what would eventually by 8. I’m a brother to 7, son to 1, father to 3, and friend to many. Jordan comments, “My love for words began at the young age of 4, where it was told to me that I would read dictionaries in a none working fireplace in a house of 9 people that were made for 4. Poverty was common to us, but we never knew anything about being poor, we were always rich in love and determination, mother made sure of that.”

Clifford Jordan is also a motivational speaker, wordsmith, creative strategist, and a highly effective Life Coach. His direct and deadly honest approach to life is an eye-opener for those seeking to grow stronger and move through life with purpose and determination.

For a signed copy of the book, you can order it at www.ceejus.com or order the book on Amazon.com

What readers are saying about the book:

“Truth hurts. Truth heals. Truth teaches. Truth reveals. When I hear my friend CeeJus speak, I know I am guaranteed to hear the truth.” — Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid (from Kid and Play)

“I’ve been starting each day by reading a few passages from your book while I make coffee. Makes a great way to get things going!” — Lisle Engle

“I now believe.” — Lucy Kyle

“Your book is f***** sweet. Smiling at the simple wild a** thoughts, that you’ve captured to share with the world… need to be a Sunday Skool Book. You can just open a page read a paragraph and roll with that thought… might take a lil while to finish this book of wisdoms, but so what… proud of you Big Heat.” — Ram

“You and I have ALWAYS been easy street. Why? Cause we ain’t full of s***. De dai UNO!!! This book, YOUR book, speaks. Can’t stand a mf’r that talks but don’t walk. Negro…you ALWAYS been walkin’… So proud of you! Really! I love you. And now I have CONCERT proof! This book, son!!!” — Nydya Jenkins

For more details about the Ceejus Speaks, visit https://www.ceejus.com

Or follow the author on social media:

Facebook – @cee.jus.7
Instagram – @ceejus_speaks





Clifford Jordan
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