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Peabo Bryson: R&B Legend and Wife Visit First Responders Who Saved His Life (Pics)

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*(ATLANTA, GA) – On Tuesday, May 14, 2019, Double Grammy / Double Oscar Award-winning balladeer, Peabo Bryson, and his wife Tanya Boniface Bryson, made a special visit to Cobb County Fire Station 3 to personally thank the first responders that saved his life when he suffered a heart attack at his home in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 27, 2019.

His wife, Tanya Boniface Bryson, added, “From the minute it happened to the minute they found a pulse to the minute he got better, the whole thing has been flawless and I can’t thank everybody enough.” In direct address to 911 Supervisor and Dispatcher, Chris Hayes, Tanya admitted, “I was a mess and you guided me through it in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”

Hayes was instrumental in guiding Tanya through performing CPR on her husband until the first responders arrived.

Tanya also shared their appreciation of the doctors and nursing staff at WellStar Kennestone Hospital where Mr. Bryson was rushed on the night of his attack. “He wasn’t aware of all the nurses working around him, but I was the one liaising with them and talking to them, and they guided me through each phase of his recovery.”

In cosign to his wife’s effort and dedication to save his life, Mr. Bryson added, “She gets the ‘Xena Award.’ She is the warrior princess from now on!”

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The heartfelt gathering, which was filled with thankful tears, warm hugs, grateful smiles and deserving awards was a clear celebration of life and those who are dedicated to saving lives. All of the first responders who played a part in saving Mr. Bryson’s life were in attendance: Chris Hayes (911 Supervisor and Dispatcher), Logan Rogers (1st Responder Paramedic), Kayla Williams (1st Responder Advanced EMT), Kim Bowie (1st Responder Firefighter), Anthony Helms (1st Responder Firefighter) and Rich Ferguson (1st Responder Paramedic Engineer). Also attending were Chief Randy Crider (Cobb County Fire Dept.), Destiny Davidson (Cobb County 911 Director) and David Beranek (Cobb County Field Supervisor).

“When you think of the magnitude of what we do as first responders, I really am not sure that people wrap their minds around the difference that they make in people’s lives,” shared Cobb County Department Fire Chief Randy Crider. “There are very few occupations out there where you can lay your head on your pillow at night to say I gave a one year old son an opportunity to be raised by his mom and his dad.”

Bryson continues his rest and recovery at his Marietta home.


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