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Nipsey Hussle’s Mural in Connecticut Skate Park Restored After Being Vandalized – VIDEO

nipsey mural in conneticut
Some love from the east coast … @nipseyhussle. This mural is located at Heaven Skatepark in Hartford, CT. It is off Main St, across the street from Dunkin Donuts Park (Corey Pane Art / Instagram)

Who is this heffa? And what’s up with the stupid observers not doing anything to stop her?

We’re referring to what happened in Harfort, Connecticut when a woman brazenly spray-painted cherries over a mural of slain hip hop artist Nipsey Hussle.

The so far unidentified woman was caught on camera amateurishly painting the icky looking cherries over a detailed mural depicting the late hip-hop star’s face next to palm trees at Heaven Skate Park in Hartford, reports the Hartford Courant.

Several people ware seen in the seven-minute clip holding up their smartphones to document the woman desecrating the mural. At one point in the video, another woman can be heard instructing the woman defacing the mural to avoid Hussle’s face.

“Don’t mess his face up!” an onlooker can be heard in a video shouting at the tagger, which was posted on Facebook Saturday.

The tagger is then shown, spray-paint in hand, snapping a selfie in front of her fruit doodles.

nipsey mural tagger

Critics on social media called it “disrespectful” and one fumed, “I would have stomped her ass.”

Despite anger over the incident, the woman will not face charges because graffiti is allowed at the park — and so is painting over other artists’ work, police told the paper.

The woman’s amateurish cherry art had been covered up with blue paint, the paper reported.

In April, the mural was painted by local artist Corey Pane to celebrate the memory of Nipsey Hussle, who was fatally shot in the spine on March 31 in Los Angeles.


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