Sunday, June 23, 2024

Historical First Scholarships Designated for ADOS American Descendants of Slavery Announced

#ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) has been making moves to push the political dialogue on reparations and a black agenda to the presidential stage. In powerful news for Black America we may have seen history announced this week as the first set of scholarships designated for ADOS American Descendants of Slavery possibly in history were announced this week.

One of the ADOS founders Antonio Moore said this to Eurweb exclusively: “This is long overdue, the reality is America is full of a diverse array of people that proudly represent their cultural origin, but lost in African American has been the Americanness of ADOS and the debt we are owed for building the country as chattel slaves. My hope is this triggers a movement to make right what has been wrong for far too long with reparations by the US government.”

According the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky website the scholarships cover 10 master of divinity degrees at HBCU Simmons College totaling a value of over a quarter million dollars. Named in the honor of HBCU Simmons College of Kentucky President & Pastor of St Stephens church Dr. Kevin Cosby & his wife. Details are still emerging but it is listed as:

The scholarship, named the “Kevin and Barnetta Seminary Scholarship for ADOS,” provides 10 incoming students per year with full tuition to pursue a graduate degree with BSK. For each entering class of 10 “Cosby Scholars” the scholarship is worth over $330,000. Applications are open now for Fall 2019 admission.

The next question is will this lead to a movement of activity targeting the dire economic state of ADOS that are owed such a great debt by our nation. One thing we know is this movement is growing, the ADOS Inaugural Conference is in Louisville, Kentucky October 4th & 5th 2019 and looks to have sold out with 1,500 seats.

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