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Racial Wealth Gap will Last Centuries Without Reparations: Report

Racial Wealth Gap - Depositphotos

*A report on the racial wealth gap released by the Institute for Policy Studies last month found it will take Black households a whopping 513 years to reach income parity with white households, despite significant socioeconomic advancements since the Civil Rights Movement. The website Tag24 notes that at the time of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther […]

The Roadmap to Reparations Explained by #ADOS – WATCH

*In recent weeks as Democratic candidates have announced their bid for the Presidential nomination of the party, the national discussion is shifting from the U.S.-Mexico border and DACA to a reckoning with America’s original sin: chattel slavery. From Kamala Harris to Elizabeth Warren, candidates have announced they are for reparations and then shown a clear […]

AmericanDOS Explained: American Descendant of Slavery a New Path Forward for Black America

*Attorney Antonio Moore and Guest Political Commentator Yvette Carnell explain the classification they created for defining native Black Americans AmericanDOS. The two delve into a set of serious question facing America on race as we move forward. These include: Why is America DOS needed to move #BlackAmerica forward?  Can you have reparations without the classification #AmericanDOS? […]

Antonio Moore: CNN is Wrong! Black Men Are Not Succeeding in America (WATCH)

*Attorney Antonio Moore confronts the recent study by conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute putting forth a narrative that black men are succeeding in modern America. Moore uses incarceration, wealth, and poverty data to show that the study CNN relied on in their piece “Black men are succeeding in America” is flawed.  CNN article excerpt: […]

Tulsa Real Estate Fund & Jay Morrison: Is This a Real Business? (WATCH)

*Attorney Antonio Moore aka Tonetalks talks about the Tulsa Real Estate Fund and its manager Jermaine “Jay” Morrison with callers. Moore uses data, and public record to evaluate the potential investment for Black America. He also looks closer at possible bankruptcies, and lawsuits investors should research into further.  Tulsa Real Estate Fund is a real estate […]

Kanye West & Ye vs. The People Don’t Make Sense for Black America

*Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the tweets by Kanye West showing support to President Donald Trump via twitter. Moore details the dangers of black celebrity supporting Trump despite his agenda’s impact on black and poor life across the country. Moore’s analysis details the problem with Kanye, and his new release Ye. Vs. The People. Decadent Veil […]

Diddy, Boyce Watkins, Powernomics: Why We Can’t See the Racial Wealth Gap (WATCH)

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the recent report “What We Get Wrong About Closing The Racial Wealth Gap” with Political Commentator Yvette Carnell in a 2 of 3 part series on wealth & race in America. Read the Full Economic Report Here   Moore and Carnell dig into a historical, and current economic analysis of black celebrity, […]