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Emotional Intelligence is Life and Death Where We’re From – VIDEO

*Emotional intelligence and mental health is lacking in certain communities like where Toronto’s 15th homicide victim – Jermaine Brown was lost. His younger brother was quoted to have said that he imagined how his brother, who was shot 5 times, must have felt lying on his concrete death bed, motionless, as his beautiful soul left his battered body. He couldn’t help but imagine the loneliness and the fear.

The Importance of Mental health

The very next thing his brother remembers feeling is the fixation on getting revenge. As he slipped out of his emotional side, he focused on getting revenge for his brother’s inhumane murder. A thought that there was no escape from.

This very dangerous slide of emotions is exactly what many black people have in common. It is a common narrative among the black youth to depend on social assistance to get them out of their pain. Even Jermaine Brown’s brother said he doesn’t want to think about where he would be if it weren’t for baseball and his teachers, mentors, and family members.

He Even Focused His Research on His Experiences

Later in life, Jermaine’s brother became a PhD candidate in the faculty of education in York University and began to focus his research on mental health. His research was especially focused on the success of youths from the black community in terms of education. This research then kickstarted a program called ‘Generation Chosen.’

The program was able to pull an investment of $19 million from the Federal Government over a period of 5 years. In these 5 years, the research will be dedicated to digging into culturally-appropriate forms of mental health. The hypothesis will then result in support programs for the most vulnerable among the black youth.

Generation Chosen

This inner city program is being tailored for the needs of the most disenfranchised youth among the black community. It focuses on the emotional intelligence, mental health, recreation, education, and careers of these young individuals. These very keystone items were the factors that choose the basis of what dictates social mobility and what makes the youth vulnerable in the collective society.

Now this beautiful program can be seen tackling themes that have been conceptualized into forms of taboo. Themes such as identity, vision, stress, love, resilience, forgiveness, hate, and fear have been in focus.

We pray for the success of this venture and for all the souls in need of help to find their way to ‘Generation Chosen.’ Our hearts are with you.

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