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Louisville Philanthropreneur (John Shaw-Woo) Launches Business Networking Club

*Louisville, KY  — According to nationwide 2016 Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, African-Americans own 2.2 percent of employer-owned businesses, in contrast to their total representation of 13.4 percent of the overall population.

In response to these astounding statistics, local business-owner and entrepreneur announces launch of business social club focused on solutions to support and enhance the business efforts for local black-owned businesses.

john shaw-woo (founder_noir_black_business_social_club)
John Shaw-Woo, philantropreneur and founder of Kentucky Poverty Initiative Inc.

John Shaw-Woo, philantropreneur and founder of Kentucky Poverty Initiative Inc., formerly GFoundation Inc., and an active force for social change in the Louisville and Kentucky region, has announced the launch of NOIR Black Business Social Club Incorporated, a networking platform for Louisville-based Black business owners and influencers, whose goal is to increase opportunities for growth in the Black community and improve the economic landscape of Louisville’s business community overall.

NOIR was created to address the need for increased resources and opportunities and provide supportive assistance for small entrepreneurial black business owners seeking to strengthen their companies through a broader understanding of basic business practices, access to impactful resources and collaboration with like-minded business owners and business leaders.

NOIR is a supportive networking platform that brings together small entrepreneurial black business owners on a monthly basis to collaborate and leverage resources. NOIR offers members opportunities to participate in and benefit from educational speakers’ series, lectures and conferring rounds, where members can present their business concepts and challenges to experienced and invested club members and receive valuable feedback to help improve their business model. Members will also gain valuable and relevant knowledge regarding business opportunities, finance marketing, social and economic barriers, human resources and insight into the local, state and national legislative landscapes.

The main goals of NOIR are to assist black business owners to grow their businesses in a competitive market through leveraging connections and resources that such a group of successful business members can provide, thus resulting in a positive influence for change for the Louisville community.

Membership is by invitation only. Nominees must be recommended by an active NOIR member and the nomination for membership must be approved by a majority vote. Shaw-Woo, president of NOIR, plans to accept 30 members in 2019, with an additional 15 new members to join by the end of 2020. This process will allow a reliable timeframe for members to be able to fully engage with each other and maximize opportunities.

For more information or to express interest in membership to NOIR Black Business Social Club Inc., send email to [email protected].





John Shaw-Woo
[email protected]

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