Sunday, May 19, 2024

Cynthia Bailey Talks Testing ‘airplane chemistry’ with Boyfriend Mike Hill

*Cynthia Bailey and her boo thang Mike Hill are gearing up to take their first trip together to Ghana for a Christmas vacation, Page Six reports.

“He lives in LA, I live in Atlanta. So he flies to me or I fly to him but we’ve never actually flown on a plane together,” she said. “So I know as excited as I am to get to Ghana, I’m really more excited about actually flying together with Mike because I’m like, ‘Do we have airplane chemistry or do we not?’”

“I’m a window person,” Bailey explained. “I like to sleep on a plane. I’m like, ‘Is he gonna talk my ear off the whole flight? What’s going to happen?’ I don’t eat airplane food. I take my own food on the flight. I’m like, ‘Do I gotta pack stuff for him? Does he eat airplane food?’ I mean it’s a lot to figure out!”

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The former model doesn’t seem too worried about these little details, telling the outlet: “We’re super compatible and we do have a lot of chemistry, but we both travel a lot and I definitely see us traveling a lot together in the future. So I’m excited. I’m excited to just bond with him in the sky.”

But if her sportscaster beau needs any tips on how to handle his new mile-high companion, Bailey knows exactly who he can turn to.. and who would drive him “crazy”.

“Nene [Leakes] and I have great airplane chemistry … she’s literally on her Instagram the whole flight and I’m like checking emails and whatever. She doesn’t talk too much and we talk enough. She’s not a movie person. I’ll watch a movie, but she knows not to bother me if I’m watching a movie. She just busies herself if I’m doing something … We just we’re good together. We usually sit together because — well nobody wants to sit with Marlo [Hampton] because Marlo’s too much. Marlo would drive me crazy the whole flight for sure!”

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