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72-Year-Old Grandfather (Arthur Dubois) Goes Viral After Learning How to Make Trap Music – WATCH

Arthur Dubois*Meet 72-year-old Arthur Dubois, a Chicago native who went viral after he taught himself how to produce hip-hop beats as a hobby. Now, he’s caught the eye of young producers who are singing his praises.

“I was tampering with it but I wasn’t doing too well and stuck at it,” Dubois told BuzzFeed News.

The father to two and a grandfather to teenage grandchildren was in his sixties when he discovered trap music.

“They didn’t have it in my day,” said Dubois. However, he said it “sound[ed] good” to him and he spent the next six years mixing and mastering and perfecting the art.

According to the report, on Monday, after years of “tampering” with and creating trap beats for fun, Dubois finally took his music to a nearby free studio called Haven Studios and asked the 32-year old owner, rapper and producer Andre “Add-2” Daniels, if he could play some of his music for him.

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“I told him it was a studio for the youth, but I could point him in the right direction to reliable people who could help that I personally know,” Daniels said.

However, there was something about the “sincerity” in Dubois’ voice, so he agreed to listen to one track.

Daniels was floored by what he heard and decided to record the encounter (see the video embed above).

“When I heard his music I was in complete disbelief because you wouldn’t expect him to make this style of music, to be able to do it well, and to appreciate it as music, where sometimes our elders don’t see it as music,” said Daniels.

Adding, “He said he gathered the courage to finally step outside of his comfort zone and ask if I could help him mix and arrange his beats.”

It wasn’t long before Daniels invited other musicians and producers to his studio to listen and all had stunned reactions as well.

People online were equally impressed. Many noting that “making beats isn’t easy,” someone commented. “It takes mad time to really learn these programs. thats wild.”

Others commented on how Dubois’ beats were surprisingly current with popular music today.

Folks across social media are noting that he was inspired to try something new at his age.

“His original goal was to get his songs mixed and arranged, so while the attention is good, I don’t want him to lose sight of his original goal. I know pretty soon he’s going to have a bunch of rappers knocking down his door,” Daniels said.

“It’s never too late to pursue your dreams [and] how music breathes life into all of us and how music can bring different generations together,” he added.


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