Sunday, August 14, 2022

LaTocha Talks New Single ‘Six4,’ Xscape Album, and Cookbook (EUR Exclusive/WATCH)

*Los Angeles, CA – R&B powerhouse, LaTocha, of the iconic group Xscape, sits down with yours truly, EUR associate,  Robin Ayers, on the heels of her newly released “Six4.”

Xscape was an instant success when they came on the scene with their hard-hitting first single “Just Kickin’ It” in 1993, following up with a melodic ballad, “Understanding,” where fans really had an opportunity to appreciate the variety of beautiful voices that the group was composed of. LaTocha, able to hit high-pitched octaves with her soprano singing voice, instantly stood out, and throughout their extended careers, she’s maintained one of the spotlight singers of the group.

Today, we meet up at the W Hotel in Westwood, CA, where the atmosphere was full of colorful and refreshing decor. LaTocha enters the lobby with her team wearing an all-black sporty look, topped off with her own clothing brand’s signature MADEGIRL cap. Although she had a full day with work and interviews, having just received the Urban Music Icon Award at Black Music Honors back in Atlanta, she’s still so pleasant, welcoming and energized upon meeting me.

With millions of fans gained over the years, LaTocha had to drop a single that would grab the attention of her day-one supporters, and she did just that with the Tricky Stewart produced song “Six4.”

“I talked to my team and I was like I’m ready to get back in the studio and then they were like ‘okay who do you want to work with?’ And I was like I definitely want to work with Tricky Stewart,” says LaTocha.


“People don’t know that I started out writing with him and I was able to help Tamar [Braxton] get her deal by writing her first song If You Don’t Wanna Love Me.”

In addition to LaTocha venturing into a solo career, the rest of her group members have also put out solo records.

She says, “I don’t think we ever got it out of our systems to do solo stuff. So, we said we’re all gonna do some stuff, but we’ll still come back to the mothership.”

She confirmed that Xscape plans on coming together for another album and tour following that. Currently, the group reconnects with seasoned fans and newcomers as they travel the country singing some of their top hits. Time has only made this group stronger in voice and image, wise. Audiences are sure to notice the entire group’s high-end appeal with top-notch fashion, hair, makeup and stage presence, but there’s an extra treat when seeing LaTocha Scott. When you see her now compared to her early years, she has made a clear lifestyle change, noticeable by her weight loss. She’s taken a big liking of cooking lots of natural and healthy foods and has also stopped eating meat.

“People would come up and say, ‘You have a different lifestyle, I can see because you’ve lost weight,’ and I kind of felt like I just want to give back to people. I want to be able to put a cookbook out so people can understand what my regimen is, and they can enjoy good food.”

Like most artists, LaTocha finds art in most things she does. She found a niche in interior design and remodeling when she decided to make some changes in her own home. “It’s kind of like writing a song actually.”

Time will tell if that leads to a career change for the songstress, but for now, let’s enjoy this powerhouse with her current single “Six4,” that’s available on all digital platforms.

Be on the lookout for Xscape performing in a city near you and make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for a future album to come. Watch the entire interview with LaTocha now!

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