Thursday, September 29, 2022

Lela Rochon’s Husband (Antoine Fuqua) Caught Locking Lips with Nicole Murphy – PICs/LOOK!

nicole murphy & antoine fuqua - antoine fuqua & lela roshon

*Whoo Lawd, do we have some late-day gossip fo yo azz. 🙂 You know you like it when we talk to u like that. :)) OK, whether you do or don’t, this is hot stuff.

It seems an Italian news outlet is reporting that director Antoine Fuqua, who’s married to actress Lela Rochon, was seen kissing Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of comedian Eddie Murphy.

You can see the snaps of them swapping spit here.  Or, check them out below in this pic via Twitter:

Reportedly, the two were in Naples, Italy for the 2019 Ischia Global Film & Music Fest.

This is obviously some scandalous stuff that has jumped off and ensnared those involved. So much so that Lela Rochon has quietly left social media. Her pages on Instagram and Twitter have disappeared leading some to believe the latest controversy is why.

We’ve also learned that Nicole Murphy is limiting interaction on her social media page. Commenting is verboten as of now. Hmm, wonder why?

nicole murphy - antoine fuqua (getty)
Nicole Murphy – Antoine Fuqua (Getty)

As Madamenoire notes, news of a relationship between Murphy and Fuqua is new. But the two have been seen together before. For instance, in the snap above, the two were spotted looking like innocent friends being chummy at the premiere for “What’s My Name Muhammad Ali.”

Now it looks like some funny business was going on.

Oh yeah, there’s this, courtesy of Hollywood Unlocked. Antoine Fuqua also admitted to fathering a child with a woman not named Lela Rochon. He reportedly pays over $10,000 in child support for a child he doesn’t have contact with. The boy’s name is Roman.

For more info and to see the legal documents that detail Fuqua admitting to fathering a son, click here.




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