Friday, May 24, 2024

Small Feet Joyfully Anticipate the Release of ‘SmallFoot’

Aadyn Encalarde Touching the Clouds in the Yeti entrance

*Chills are coming to the big screen really soon and no matter your shoe size, I’m sure you’ll love the new Warner Animation Group’s film “SmallFoot.” This family comedy based on the book “Small Tracks” by Sergio Pablos includes some heavy hitters in the industry voicing the lovable Yeti characters. Channing Tatum, LeBron James, Zendaya, Yara Shahidi, Common and Danny DaVito are all part of the all-star cast that helps to bring this story to life.

In celebration of the movie, the Small Foot Yeti Village opened up in Hollywood last weekend and we got a sneak peek at the fun in store for small feet and big feet alike. Make sure to bring a jacket because the temperature is much like the snowy arctic that the Yetis’ reside in.

In the Yeti sanctum

As soon as you enter the enchanting space, you’re led through a walkway filled with iridescent clouds before making your way to the snowy picture wonderland. We know it’s a not a good experience if it doesn’t include great photo opp and the pop up Yeti Village includes a plethora of cute and quirky options for your social media. Childrens’ laughter filled the room as they smiled on the snow swing, danced for a boomerang while throwing snowflakes or standing atop the Yeti mountain.

Different Types of Ice Cream Were made using Nitrogen
Big feet and little feet enjoying the Yeti Village

A favorite of the village- the snow slide! Little villagers were able to sit on a sack and slide down a 20’ winding slippery slope into the bottom of the village, or under the clouds rather, where the real magic begins. What is joy? Cotton candy, snowballs, a candy buffet, ice cream, chicken tenders, pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches. Let’s just say the children and adults were in heaven. The sound of music was in the air thanks to iHeartRadio who provided a karaoke lounge and creativity flowed with the color lounge. Other activities include the “snowball” pit and arcade.

Jazelle White Experiencing Life as a Yeti
Candy Bar Provided by Dylan’s Candy Bar

SmallFoot comes to theaters September 28 and the SmallFoot Yeti Village will remain open daily until September 14. We hope you enjoy and make sure to use the hashtag #smallfootyetivillage!
photos: Nicole Collins

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