Wednesday, May 22, 2024

New Body Cam Video Shows Milwaukee Police Using Stun Gun on Sterling Brown

*Newly-released body cam footage shows the moment Milwaukee Bucks star Sterling Brown was tasered by cops while waiting for a citation for illegally parking in a disabled spot outside a Walgreens.

As reported by The HuffPost, officers confronted Brown in January of 2017 after seeing his car parked in between two handicapped spots. Following a verbal altercation, more cops arrived on the scene, at which point they pinned the NFLer to the ground and subdued him with the Taser. The new video, obtained by WISN 12 News, shows the Taser bar stuck to this lower back.  

“I was just gonna drive stun him, but Sarge moved,” one of the officers can be heard saying.”

Brown can also be heard saying: “You could have talked, you didn’t have to touch,” he said to one of the officers.

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Following the release of the first bodycam video back in May, Police Chief Alfonso Morales apologized to Brown, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A month later, more videos were made public revealing how an officer feared a possible “media firestorm” if Brown complained about the incident.

“And then any little [expletive] thing that goes wrong is going to be, ‘Oh, the Milwaukee Police Department is all racist … blah, blah, blah,’” an officer said.

Brown has since filed a federal civil rights lawsuit over the arrest. He told the Journal Sentinel in an interview in May that he “gave in” and didn’t resist when police used a stun gun because he didn’t want officers to “pull out their guns.”

“I was just being smart. I just wanted to get out of the situation and get home,” he said.

The Milwaukee Police Department conducted an investigation that prompted three of the officers involved to be temporarily suspended. One of the officers, Erik Andrade, was fired for posting racist remarks related to Brown on social media.

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