Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hilarious Fail! Two Kids Dressed As a Tall Man to Get into ‘Black Panther’ Caught on Video

2 kids as tall man

*Well, as you know, “Black Panther” has been inspiring people to show up at theaters in all kinds of African inspired get ups. Now, we wouldn’t say that’s what inspired two youngsters to go the “tall man” route. As you’ve probably guessed, it didn’t work and they ended up getting the boot from the theater.

The bigger point is this movie is THE hot ticket right now and everybody wants to see it. One way or the other.

Here’s the FULL story and video …

Two kids decided they wanted to go to the new Marvel superhero film “Black Panther,” but they didn’t want to pay for two movie tickets, so they tried to dupe the movie theater’s manager. The two young men went to the theater disguised as one “tall man” under a trench coat, but unsurprisingly, their plan didn’t work.

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