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Guest on Emotional Episode of ‘Queer Eye’ Reveals Marriage to Boyfriend

A.J. Brown and Andrey on "Queer Eye" (Netflix)
A.J. Brown (L) and Andrey on “Queer Eye” (Netflix)

*A.J. Brown, a standout guest on the Netflix series “Queer Eye” revealed Thursday that he is married to fiancé Andrey (a.k.a. Andre or Drey), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The announcement came during Netflix’s FYSee event, where Brown walked the red carpet with the show’s Fab 5: Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski and Tan France.

The happy news was also shared on “Queer Eye’s” Twitter page.

Brown, a civil engineer, was featured on the fourth episode of the show’s Netflix reboot when he came out to his stepmother in an emotional scene.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote in its review that Brown’s journey was the highlight of the season: “A.J.’s heart-to-heart with African-American culture maven/unofficial therapist Karamo Brown about the difficulties of coming out in the religious black South are utterly moving. Even more compelling is the deeply human scene when A.J. finally comes out to his stepmother, his beloved father’s widow. That extended moment already feels like one of the best TV scenes of the year.”

Season one of “Queer Eye” debuted on Netflix in February and was renewed in March, with more episodes expected to arrive later this year.

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