Friday, May 24, 2024

Boxer Adrien Broner Tapes Self Going Berserk in Uber; Banned from Service – WATCH

*Well known fool and sometime boxer Adrien Broner has found himself banned from ever using the Uber app because he couldn’t help himself from acting like a fool while being transported by the car service.

Broner himself captured his out-of-control ride on his own social media earlier this week — trying to turn up from the backseat when Drake and Travis Scott’s hit “Sicko Mode” started playing, reports TMZ Sports.

Broner leans over and unleashes a full-throated scream right in the driver’s face — before grabbing the volume knob and turning it to the max.

Then he started wildly dancing — while the driver tried to focus on driving in the rain.

Finally, the driver has enough, slams on the brakes and pulls the car over — demanding Broner and his crew get the hell out of the vehicle immediately.

An Uber rep says company officials looked into the incident, and decided Broner’s behavior was unacceptable and his access to the app has been revoked.

Get ready Lyft, you’ll be hearing from a well known fool pretty soon, if you haven’t already.

But remember, like Uber found out the hard way, all money ain’t good money.

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