Tuesday, May 28, 2024

AmericanDOS Explained: American Descendant of Slavery a New Path Forward for Black America

*Attorney Antonio Moore and Guest Political Commentator Yvette Carnell explain the classification they created for defining native Black Americans AmericanDOS. The two delve into a set of serious question facing America on race as we move forward. These include:

  1. Why is America DOS needed to move #BlackAmerica forward? 
  2. Can you have reparations without the classification #AmericanDOS? What is the Angela Project? 
  3. Recent Issues with casting of nonDOS to tell AmericanDOS why does it matter?
  4. Is Black America on the verge of economic collapse due to white American oppression and immigrant tribalism?
  5. What will black America look like in 20 years without #AmericanDOS and transformative government?

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Yet despite all of this, recent immigrants from the continent of Africa are striving to create what amounts to a solidarity of sameness with American DOS. One built largely around a narrative which encourages all blacks to view the continent of Africa as a sort of unified country, and the United States of America as merely a transient one. They envision a broad solidarity built on an identitarian oneness that—by its very nature—undermines the unique claim of reparations being owed to American DOS as a result of particular injustices they have borne since arriving in the country. Furthermore, this imagined coalition complicates the issue of who should even have a right to speak as a representative of American DOS on repairing the damage wrought upon black American families. Essentially the solidarity is the painting of a fantastical unified Africa that fought to get American DOS back since the day the first among them were stolen in 1619. It is truly a version of history in which Wakanda and Zamunda might as well exist. In effect this solidarity through African Americanness has become a one-way door that admits everyone with melanin and African origins, and allows them the ability to integrate—at least superficially—into the culturally embedded position that American DOS have traditionally exclusively occupied in the United States. While giving no specialized access to African countries for American DOS.

As a result, African immigrants just like American DOS are also provided with access to affirmative action policies which—importantly—were conceived as a manner of recourse for the American DOS community following centuries of discrimination. President Lyndon Johnson—in his 1965 commencement address at Howard University—emphasized how understanding the particular historical situation of American DOS, and its consequences, prompted such legislative action.

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