Friday, May 24, 2024

Parents May Want to ‘Be Nosy’ When it Comes to Your Teen’s Online Stuff, They’re Being Challenged to Kill Themselves

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*Damn. When will the craziness of this “New World” we’re living in subside? We’d like to believe we raised our kids to know better, after all, no one can make you do anything, right? But this latest trend is something we need to take notice of…and with a quickness!

On Monday, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention called the Blue Whale Challenge, the latest trend causing devastation to families via a weeks-long social-media challenge where strangers compel others to commit a series of 50 acts — a new and dangerous online game that they suggest parents NOT bring to the attention of their children unless a child already knows about it or has played.

This, they believe, will minimize the risk that the child will look for information on it.

But these scammers have studied long and hard. They know how to use language, and your child’s love of all things online, to lure them in. To this targeted audience these monsters make it appear as just one more game. Just something else for the gamer’s to do.

The “Blue Whale Challenge” begins innocuously at first, but later escalates to the self-mutilating stage until finally, the challenge is suicide.

I know, WTF? MY child wouldn’t do this!!!

You sure? Again, we’d like to believe that.

This is a MUST READ! Git woke! Stay woke! Story continues at EURThisNthat.

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