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Meagan Good Reveals Her Past Year-long Relationship with 50 Cent [Watch]

Meagan Good and her husband, Devon Franklin

*Meagan Good has opened up about the time she dated 50 Cent, and the drop came during her interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

The actress and the rapper dated for an entire year, which explains why they had such good chemistry in 50’s “21 Questions” video.

Funny thing about their union, though, Meagan said she did not want anyone to know they were dating because, at the time, she had a good girl reputation while 50 was the baddest bad boy in town. She didn’t want their relationship to jeopardize her career.

“Just to bring clarity on that (the relationship with 50), that was over a decade ago and it was for about a year. … I kept it under the radar intentionally because…at that time in my career, I’d just come off of [the movie]  Biker Boyz, I’d just done the music video and my career was going in a really great way. And what I didn’t want was my connection to him to be the catalyst in any type of success that I had,” she said.

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dated 50 cent

She also wants you to know that she was genuinely into 50 and not checking for his money because she made her own.

“I didn’t want anything from him [50 Cent], I’m not that type of person, I’ve always made my own money, I’ve always taken care of myself, I’ve always taken care of my family. So for me it was about protecting myself because if people couldn’t see the relationship for what it was, they would label me a certain way So I just kept it under the radar and the fact that people found out 10 years later, I’m like, I was like 21.”

And according to Meagan, 50 Cent is nothing like his public image.

“People would be surprise by what a nice human being he is. You have to remember this is someone who was raised by his grandmother. So you have to understand that even when you see what’s in the public eye, it’s not necessarily a true representation of that person’s heart. And I wouldn’t have been with somebody who’s a negative person, or a mean person, or whatever it was. It was definitely a person that…when I knew him, he was very kind.”

Today, Meagan Good is happily married to her preacher husband, Devon Franklin.



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