Sunday, June 16, 2024

2nd Video Shows Jason Mitchell Cursing Out Passenger Before First Class Meltdown

Jason Mitchell on Delta Flight (TMZ)
Jason Mitchell on Delta Flight (TMZ)

*A second video of “Straight Outta Compton” star Jason Mitchell’s extended airplane meltdown over a first class seat shows that it was sparked by an eavesdropping passenger who was in the seat in question.

TMZ posted the new footage, which shows Mitchell sitting in the economy seat to which he got bumped. He was on his phone relaying the ordeal when the passenger overheard and apparently made a comment. That’s when Jason lost it.

“Am I talking to you? F**king racist!” he yelled.

A flight attendant approached, the situation escalated with Jason screaming, “I’ll bat the f**k outta you! Unless you sitting next to children or anything else.”

He then calmed down, returned to his seat and put on his headphones, promising to chill. But when a Delta staffer announced he had to be removed from the plane because police were now involved, Jason blew up again, leading to the video that has gone viral.

Police eventually detained him, but Delta refused to press charges, according to TMZ.

As previously reported, Delta says Mitchell had missed his original flight — for which he had a first class seat — and was flying standby.

Watch the new footage below:

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