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Delta Flight Delayed for Hours After Passenger’s ‘Diarrhea’ Emergency | Video

 *A Delta flight from Atlanta had to turn around Friday night after a passenger had diarrhea “all the way through” the plane. The flight headed to Barcelona was about two hours out when it turned back because a passenger was having a “medical issue.” According to Business Insider, in an audio transmission from the […]

Delta Flight Attendant Allegedly Tells Woman She Has a ‘Stupid Face’

Delta flight attendant

*A Delta flight attendant is being accused of telling a passenger that she had a “stupid face,” according to the woman’s husband.  The incident occurred on a Nov. 7 flight from Orlando to New York. Twitter user Thomas Todd said he and his wife were kicked off the flight before it took off for LaGuardia. […]

Black Woman Forced to Move for White Delta Passengers | VIDEO

Camille Henderson - screenshot

*(By Julian Glover/KGO) — Camille Henderson said she was asked to move to the back of the plane mid-flight to make room for two passengers who claimed to have first-class tickets, but couldn’t produce them to flight attendants. Henderson traveled to Atlanta with her boyfriend to visit her family in late January. Her mother had […]

Mother of Model Who Died from Rare Cancer Spots Delta Ad of Daughter at Airport

*The mother of model Natalia Harris, who passed away last year, received a heartwarming surprise when she was greeted by a Delta ad of her late daughter while catching a flight.  “First time flying, since my baby @iamnataliaharris transitioned,” Harris’ mother, Egli Colón Stephens, wrote in an Instagram post in March. “Just when I thought […]

Black Woman Praises the Way Delta Handled her Racist Seat Mate Situation (Video)

*Demetria Poe, a Black woman from Minnesota, says she’ll only fly Delta Air Lines from now after they went above and beyond to take care of her after noticing she was being racially harassed by her white seat mate. Poe told USA TODAY Wednesday that the white woman appeared to purposefully swap her American flag face […]

Delta, Jet Blue Giving Passengers Opportunity to Cancel Flights to Dominican Republic

*Delta Air Lines is allowing passengers flying to the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana airport to change or cancel their flights without penalty amid a recent spate of mysterious deaths and illnesses in the country. Delta Airlines is doing the right thing concerning the Dominican Republic in light of all the recent illnesses and deaths in the […]

Gary Owen Slams Delta for Racism Against His Wife; Airline Responds

*Comedian Gary Owen took to Instagram over the weekend to call out Delta Airlines after his wife and daughter were racially discriminated against by an employee. Owen’s detailed the situation in a video post that received a lot of praise from his followers. Some voiced how they are quite impressed by a white man defending […]

U.S. Surgeon General Helps Passenger on Flight When Asked ‘Is There a Doctor On Board?’

[videowaywire video_id=”270649CC412B0099″] *Our nation’s surgeon general just so happened to be among the passengers of a recent Delta flight when a person suddenly lost consciousness and the call went out, “Is there a doctor on board?” Vice Admiral Jerome Adams, an anesthesiologist, says he provided medical attention to a passenger on Wednesday while his plane […]

Strangers on Delta Flight Caught Having Oral Sex May Face Felony Charge

*Delta flight staff and the authorities alike say a 48-year-old woman and 28-year-old man didn’t even know each other before engaging in oral sex while sitting side by side. The woman allegedly performed oral sex on the man, police told WDIV-Local 4 in Detroit. Both were flying from Los Angeles, but headed to different states. He was headed […]

2nd Video Shows Jason Mitchell Cursing Out Passenger Before First Class Meltdown

*A second video of “Straight Outta Compton” star Jason Mitchell’s extended airplane meltdown over a first class seat shows that it was sparked by an eavesdropping passenger who was in the seat in question. TMZ posted the new footage, which shows Mitchell sitting in the economy seat to which he got bumped. He was on […]

Delta Passenger Mauled by Marine Vet’s Emotional Support Dog

*An emotional support dog belonging to a Marine veteran went HAM on the passenger seated next to him on a Delta flight, leaving the victim bloodied and hospitalized and the dog’s owner an emotional wreck, according to TMZ. The dog and his owner, Ronald Kevin Mundy Jr., had just boarded the plane headed to San […]

Brandy Hospitalized after Losing Consciousness on Delta Flight

*Brandy Norwood was reportedly rushed off of a Delta Airlines flight and to the hospital this morning (June 2) after suddenly falling unconscious. According to TMZ, the singer/actress had apparently just boarded a flight from LAX to JFK when she lost consciousness, prompting passengers and flight attendants to rush to her aid. L.A. City Fire Dept. and […]