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Yeah I Said It!: Drunk Ass Female ‘Doctor’ Victimizes Uber Driver (Watch)

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*Over the past few years I can honestly say that I have given Uber, the transportation service that has revolutionized the taxi industry, a small fortune.

Until only a week ago, I used them regularly as my means of transportation. Several days a week I would get in the car, generally sit in the front (Uber prides itself in marketing its like riding with a friend), and always find something to talk about with the driver. By the time we reach my destination we have become “friends” of sorts.

I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I am a “5” customer (yes, riders are actually rated on a scale of 0-5, just like we rate the drivers). And even with some of the horror stories we’ve read about dealings with Uber, 95% of the time when troubles occur its because some drunk ass fool that called Uber for service, created it.

In my experience these drivers, many of whom are just working the service to pay for the new cars they are driving (this, in addition to a 2nd job) usually bend over backwards to be accommodating. “Would you like me to change the station?” “Is it too hot/cold?” Would you like a bottle of water or some gum?” are some of the questions I have been asked by them.

They didn’t sign up for half the crap they have to endure.

Many of the drivers have shared stories with me about the types of people they pick up. The men, especially, share how they hate when they go to certain areas, on certain days (the start of the weekend especially), where they know inherently the person(s) they pick up is going to be drunk.

Like the woman in this story.

C’mon over to EURThisNthat and get the full scoop and the video.

drunk doctor & uber driver

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