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Unmarried Pastor Gets Knocked Up: Desireé Allen is Neither Sorry Nor Ashamed


tony elder and desiree allen
Pastor Desireé Allen of First Corinthian Baptist Church in New York City and her fiancé Tony Elder at a recent event. (photo: Facebook)

*What would you do if your female pastor announced from the pulpit that she was pregnant? You’d probably offer her heartfelt congratulations, right? But what if she’s doing it baby mama style?

Uh oh, that’s a whole ‘notha thing to consider. But that’s the situation an unmarried pastor from New York City is in … she’s unmarried and pregnant with twins.

Pastor Desireé Allen is handling it all in stride. She said she knew the possible consequences of getting knocked up, the Christian Today reports that she’s neither sorry nor ashamed.

Allen, who’s not exactly a role model, and that’s putting it mildly, is vowing not to allow herself to be “slut shamed.” She’s also going to keep preaching with pride until she “can no longer waddle on the stage.”

Allen serves as the pastor of arts and spiritual formation of First Corinthian Baptist Church in New York City. She’s also the director of Harlem’s The Dream Center.

In a blog post, she said she discovered she was expecting in May while on vacation at Disney World. She admitted having dreaded the prospects of announcing her unplanned pregnancy. At the same time, however, she felt happy that she’s going to have not just a baby, but TWINS!

desiree allen

Allen eventually mustered enough courage to finally reveal her secret to her executive pastor during their annual staff retreat.

She said the response she got shocked her.

“In a moment I will never forget, our executive pastor had the staff encircle around me and they begin to pray,” she began saying. “A noise that can only be described as a wail left my mouth and I broke—to the point of needing a chair to sit in. I broke in the most beautiful way possible. In the breaking I was free. That ugly Jesus cry released every anxiety, fear and worry holding me down. They promised to protect me and support me. In that moment I saw God. It was a moment that transcended boundaries or judgment. It was pure love. I felt free.”

In a post on her Facebook page, Allen said her due date is Jan. 16, 2017 and that she is expecting twins with her fiancé Tony Elder.

Interested in finding out MORE about Desiree Allen? Check out her profile at Not Cinderella.


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