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Tyler Perry: ‘I Appreciate’ Chris Rock for Inspiring ‘A Madea Halloween’

Tyler Perry
HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 02: Filmmaker Tyler Perry attends the Oscars held at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison)

*Tyler Perry’sBoo! A Madea Halloween” topped the weekend box office with a debut of over $25 million. It’s the third highest grossing debut of the “Madea” series, and there’s reports that the director wants to follow up the project with a film about police brutality, A.V. Club reports. Specifically, he says he’s been “thinking about” telling some kind of Madea story that revolves around “police brutality, and all of these people being shot by police officers.”

Perry also told TheWrap on Sunday that he’s “working on something that will have more international appeal.” The writer/director is teaming with actor Brendan O’Carroll who does a character called Mrs. Brown, which is huge in Europe.

“I’m working very closely with him. I’m putting a movie together for the two of us — Mrs. Brown and Medea,” he said.

Below are excerpts from Perry’s interview, where he discusses the success of “Boo!”.

TheWrap: It looks like you have another “Madea” hit on your hands. How do you feel right now?
Tyler Perry: I’m having a pretty good day. After all these years to see that the audience is still showing up and have new audiences coming, it’s very exciting. What I’ve found is that kids can become an expert on you in two weeks now by binge watching all of your stuff. That was an option we didn’t have in my generation, so it’s great to see.

The idea, in fact, the literal title of this film comes from Chris Rock‘s 2014 dramedy “Top Five.” Does Rock get a writer’s credit or a check?
Perry: There’s no payment and there’s no writer’s credit, but I have been looking for his number all morning, so I’m going to give him a call tomorrow to say just how much I appreciate the inspiration of it.

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This time Madea is reaching further beyond the black community, attracting a more diverse audience. How do you think that has happened?
Perry: It’s been happening organically over the years. When I’m live on stage [performing as Madea], the audience is very mixed. It’s 50/50 with white people and African Americans — it just depends on what city I’m in. Very specifically the social media influencers [who were cast in “Boo! A Madea Halloween”] absolutely attracted a diverse audience. I wanted to put them in this movie and the message to be for younger people, 13 and up. Using them, I think, was a good idea because I think Hollywood now knows their followings transfer from the internet to them. Take Yousef Erekat, who is very talented, popular and has millions of subscribers. Tons of people showed up for him and Lexy Panterra, Brock O’Hurn, Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen.

Why do you think Madea endures as such a popular character?
Perry: People love this type of grandmother. She’s still around. It’s been 18 years and to see people still coming, it’s very moving to me still because I certainly didn’t think I would do it this long. To see it’s still working, I’m very happy about that.

When all is said and done how many Madea movies do you think there’ll be?
: I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again: The minute the audience stops coming that old broad is dead. But every time I say it they show up. So, as long as they want her to, she’ll be around. But I’m determined not to be her age playing her. I’m just really grateful the audience showed up. My audience is like the country music audience — they’re so loyal, so faithful, and as always, I’m grateful to them.

You can read Tyler Perry’s full interview with TheWrap here.


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