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Curtis Hamilton (Dr. Dre in ‘Surviving Compton’) Dishes on Flick (LISTEN)

curtis hamilton (dr. dre)
Curtis Hamilton as Dr. Dre in Lifetime’s ‘Surviving Compton’

*The Lifetime movie, “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le” is still all the rage. And in an interview last week with BlogTalkRadio host Paul Gant from the “Go For It” sports talk show, ex-athlete and now actor Curtis Hamilton, who played Dr. Dre in the movie, had some interesting things to say about the flick as well as his support for Michele’le and Dr. Dre.

Below is a list of the topics covered:

00:35- Did the movie resonate with the public
1:10- How did he prepare to play this role
2:30 Do you think he would gotten cooperation from any friends of Dre
3:10-I love Dre man, I think he is dope I feel he is a good dude. That was 25 tears ago
3:51 I would want someone to forgive
5:20- How much did he know about Michel’le
6;16 How did the role come about for him
9:00 Does he believe Michel’le
10:30- How hard was it doing the abusive scenes
36:22- Does he think he will ever meet Dre

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