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NFLer Devon Still Marries After Daughter Leah (Flower Girl) Beats Cancer (WATCH)

devon still & leah - wedding day
(photo: from devon still’s instagram)

*A couple of years ago NFLer Devon Still put off his wedding because his young daughter, Leah, was battling cancer.

Now, Miss Leah is six and has gone on to defeat her cancer. On Friday (05-13-16) Still finally walked down the aisle with his little princess as the flower girl.

Devon Still, 26, now with the Houston Texans, married his longtime fiancée, Asha Joyce, 26, at New York City’s iconic Central Library in front of 180 guests.

When Joyce, who wore an embroidered v-neck wedding dress and flowing veil, came down the stairs, Leah began crying with happiness and couldn’t stop throughout the ceremony, according to People.

Devon was equally emotional, although he ended up wiping away silent tears of joy over his daughter’s appearance on his big day.

“We made it through the storm,” the athlete said during his vows. “We made it through hell.”

The happy day for the newlyweds follows two years of hardships: Leah was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma in June 2014. Doctors gave the young girl only a 50/50 chance of survival.

But Leah was finally released from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this past January, totally cancer free.

The family’s touching story led the couple to secure their title of The Knot’s Dream Wedding winners for 2016. Everything from Asha’s sob-inducing dress to the flowers were voted on by fans, reports WetPaint.

Congrats, Devon, Asha, and Leah!

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