Monday, May 20, 2024

Murder-Suicide of Two Ariz. Teen Girls Leave Questions

May Kieu (L) and Dorothy Dutiel (R)
May Kieu (L) and Dorothy Dutiel (R)

*No one will ever really know why this unofficial murder-suicide was committed. But rumor has it, Dorothy Dutiel and May Kieu, sophomores at Independence High School in Glendale Arizona, were lovers (and this was known by everyone at their school, yet apparently hidden from Kieu’s family members) and had known each other since 5th grade, but started dating in the 8th grade.

As of now, even though the murder weapon was found beside the body of Dorothy Dutiel (pictured above right), with a suicide note, authorities say they are not calling it a murder-suicide.

Reports say that it was Dutiel who fired the fatal shot on Kieu because she was about to break up with her. After killing her girlfriend, Dutiel turned the gun on herself.

American Airlines pilot Henry Del Rey, who was on scene at Independence High School, where the bodies were found around 8 a.m., wrote on his Facebook page, “The girls who were killed were dating. One didn’t wanna be with the other and when she tried breaking it off the other girl shot her and shot herself.”

Seems pretty cut and dry, right?

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