Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ludacris’ Secret to Making it Rain and Having Good Skin (WATCH)

ludacris*Ludacris is a certified rainmaker.

(Hey, don’t turn up your nose. This is important stuff … to somebody.)

To hear him tell it, the secret to making it rain is one that includes quite a bit of money.

“At least $5,000,” the 37-year-old rapper-actor, told Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show. “It’s in sngles! If you really just want to give the people a memorable experience, especially the ladies, you throw it in 5s and 10s. But, you don’t have as many so it could still equal around the same amount for everyone else watching if they’re in 1s and you throw more.”

Luda’s $5K rainmaking formula is nice, but it could come across as a contradiction to claims he made about being able to pay his baby mama child support. Last year, a judge ordered the entertainer (real name Christopher Bridges) to pay $7,000 a month to Tamika Fuller to take care of their daughter Cai. The amount is a noticeable decrease from the $15,000 she initially asked for. Ludacris ultimately challenged Fuller’s request, saying that he couldn’t afford to pay that much money.

With him being able to put up $5,000 for a fun and easy time creating showers, stay tuned to see if this confession will come back to bite Luda.

In addition to revealing his rainmaking secrets, “The Furious 7” star felt comfortable enough to clue Duran and co. in on how he maintains his glowing skin.

“I have a lot of sex with my wife, so! That’s where it comes from! That wasn’t too bad, was it?” the rhymesayer shared. “It helps the skin! … It keeps you youthful, man, it keeps you young, absolutely!”

To see Duran’s interview with Ludacris, check out the video below:

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