Sunday, June 16, 2024

Jennifer Hudson Fashioned a Necklace Out of Son’s First Baby Tooth

I call it jenniferizing
I call it jenniferizing

*Jennifer Hudson keeps a piece of her son Daniel close to her heart, literally.

Via Instagram, the singer shared a pic of her latest personal endeavor, which involves “Jenniferizing” (adding a personal touch) to everything in her life.

“My baby’s first tooth he lost hanging from a heart clinging to gold on my neck!” she captioned the photo showing off her “Jenniferized” bling, which had David’s first tooth looking like a pearl pendant.

Jennifer Hudson's necklace with son's tooth
Jennifer Hudson’s necklace with son’s 1st baby tooth

J-Hud also gave her eyewear a fresh update, replacing the dark lenses of her Tom Ford Lena sunglasses with her prescription, turning them in to a bold everyday pair of glasses.

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