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Drunk Diner Leaves $1k Tip … and Comes Back for it the Next Day


*I always wanted to be a waiter.  Yes, I’ve heard how hard the job can be, and I don’t dispute that, but I’m always looking for a good side hustle, and I have been told repeatedly over the years that I’d make a killing on tips.

So I can’t imagine having to give a tip back.

That’s the gist of the story from a restaurant in the Denver area. One of the waiters there recently received a tip of $1,088 for a dinner of around $60.

(I once left a 100% tip for a meal, but I was hitting on the waiter and more than got my money back later that night. But that’s a tale — and a tail — for another time.) 

The restaurant’s owners were thrilled to receive the big tip…but skeptical, so they held on to the money for fear that it was a mistake.

It was.

The next day, the overly-generous customer came back and asked for his cash back.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry, I was drunk,” the restaurant’s owner, Bee Anantatho, said.

So drunk, it seems, he thought he was leaving the waiter a roll of singles, instead of the roll of hundred dollar bills that he left for him.

The restaurant returned the cash, and the honest if empty-handed waiter was given $100 by the customer, as thanks for the way the restaurant handled the situation.

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