Monday, May 27, 2024

Is ‘Rock Obama’ the Best Face Mashup Ever?

rock obama

*Here’s a hella mashup we didn’t see coming. But now that we’re seeing it, we really feeling it. (Scroll down for the FULL photo.)

We’re talking about the work of Isaac Luther who says it was originally posted on Reddit and Imgur. We have to admit it’s one of the best (face mashups) we’ve seen. Luther combined the faces of President Obama and actor/wrestler The Rock to come up with “The Rock Obama.” Another name is “Ba-Rock.”

The caption for the creation is also very catchy: “The People’s Champ.”

We can only wonder if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and President Barack Obama have seen it and what they think.

Well, for the we record, we LOVE it.

What say you?

The People’s Champ

A photo posted by @tank.sinatra on

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