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Grady Champion’s New CD ‘One of A Kind’ Hits the Streets!

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*Grammy-winning Blues songwriter/artist, Grady Champion, has listeners in the U.S.A. and internationally buzzing about his new single, “Move Something”, from his 9th., CD One of a Kind—which is due out September 16, 2016.

The 12-tracks on the CD has three breakout songs (including “Move Something”) favored by Triple A, Urban AC, college radio and the Music Choice channel. SiriusXM Radio has picked up the tracks “House Party” and title song “One Of A Kind”, on their playlists.

“180 days performing on the U.S., Blues circuit and 30 days in Europe, along with Grammy Considerations, in multiple categories.”

One of a Kind is just as hot in Europe, whereas the European press has been reporting Grady’s ascension on radio and the charts. 180 days performing on the U.S., Blues circuit is laying the groundwork for his international notoriety. French and Belgium media are preparing Blues music aficionados for the artist’s arrival of his overseas 30- day tour this November through December. Why the latest buzz? Aside from the appearances, performances, and Grammy considerations, this CD is superb and has the makings of being THAT Blues CD, EP or album you gotta have as a staple, in your Blues collection! Grady’s music overall is unapologetically Blues, credible Soul with a definite R&B groove. It’s no wonder Grady and this project are up for multiple Grammy considerations!

“Grady has summoned some of the baddest Blues guitarists…”

Champion is known for describing himself as “just a regular down home country boy”. Do not be fooled! Grady music is procured as though it were a science. As a businessman and master producer, Grady’s passion for the Blues, along with his systematic devotion to his crafting his blues style and methodical hard work are evident in One of a Kind. In his arsenal of players for One Of A Kind, Grady has summoned some of the baddest Blues guitarists our nation currently has. Blues Rocker, Elvin Bishop, the Stylized Blues Funk of Eddie Cotton. Jr., Southern Soul of Theodis Easley, and Blues Blazer, Mr. Sipp, are distinctively heard on the tracks. In addition to superb percussions, keys, bass and horns are layers of backup vocal arrangements united to enliven Grady Champion’s gritty vocal delivery.

Live on stage, Grady truly gives-it-up and pours his heart and soul in performing for his audiences. He has a charismatic personality with a directorial stage presence that motivates his fans from call and response interactions; creating a kinetic energy field from ceiling to floor. His lyrical and vocal delivery liken him to a griot with the power of a commanding, televangelist preacher. This Canton-Mississippi native oozes Delta charm coupled with his infectious dimpled smile – an added bonus to his music and sex appeal!

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