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‘Battle of the Bulge’ Reality Fitness Show Has a Soulful Perspective

Battle of the Bulge
‘Battle of the Bulge’ L.A. Reality Fitness Show Has a Soulful Perspective

*Battle of the Bulge L.A is a three-part mini-series that tells the story of how Elite Fitness Guru Cleon “CJ” Joseph assembled L.A.’s Top Fitness coaches to donate their time to provide an 8-week health makeover to 10 L.A. community members who are struggling with obesity.

Unlike the current reality fitness shows that focus on accelerated weight loss in a controlled environment;  Battle of the Bulge L.A (BOBLA) focuses more on the underlying triggers that cause obesity and how fitness coaching plays a major role in the journey back to health. This is a raw 8-week program where selectees have to make their sessions while dealing with the personal demons that cause the obesity, (home life, work, grief, disease, family, relationships and traumatic events).

The coaches also make themselves vulnerable by opening up about their life struggles to relate to the participants but to also show that staying healthy is a major component to recover from traumatic events that life brings. CJ explains, “Finally viewers will have a fitness show that they can truly relate to. This show is meant to inspire our communities struggling with obesity to take their lives back. We now get to tell our story.”

Episode One, “The Gathering”, showcases CJ campaigning for contestants to enter the program. The show will also introduce the viewers to the best fitness coaches around. Viewers will gain perspective as to why they are passionate about their craft. Twenty community members will be selected to move to the next phase.

Episode Two, “The Obstacle”, the contestants will prove their worth by surviving the most grueling obstacle course ever created. Things will get interesting when the participants realize if they under perform they will be eliminated. Only 10 will be chosen to continue.

Episode Three, “The Elimination”, is the final episode. CJ will eliminate nine people from the program, leaving only 10 to begin their journey to wellness. This episode will also show the life changing results of key trainers and participants alike.

Battle of the Bulge L.A. is not just a story of triumph over the epidemic of obesity, but also the victory over the traumatic issues that caused the obesity. CJ continues, “It starts in Los Angeles, but with your support for positive content, we can take it to communities across America!”

To watch the series go to
Wednesday August 24, 2016, episode one will be released. Thursday August 25th, episode two and on Friday August 26th, episode three will launch. You can all check out a fully interactive website where you can get to know all of the coaches and the participants. Join our social media to find out how you can be a part of or support the next BOBLA full season. You can also go to
(Radio Free 102.3 KJLH FM) and click on the BOBLA banner.









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