Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Smokey Robinson Demands Ex-Manager’s Lawsuit Be Thrown Out

Smokey Robinson sued*Smokey Robinson wants a judge to toss a lawsuit filed by a man who once worked as his talent manager because he was never licensed to be an agent, so therefore Smokey doesn’t believe he owes him any money.

Earlier this year, Eric Podwall filed a lawsuit accusing Robinson of screwing him out of his 10% commission on numerous deals. He also takes credit for reviving Smokey’s career after he took him on as a client. Before this, he noted how Robinson was touring “the same casinos and other tired venues”.

In his suit, Podwall explains how he arranged for the singer to record a string of duets with everyone from Elton John, Steven Tyler, James Taylor and John Legend, which were all featured on his first hit record in four decades, “Smokey & Friends.” His suit blasts Smokey for refusing to pay up on the commission he was owed, including failing to compensate him for a deal he secured with Global Music Rights over his performance royalties.

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According to, Smokey allegedly tried to fire his manager in January without any reason or option to discuss and rectify any issues. On August 22nd, Robinson returned to court to demand Podwall’s lawsuit be thrown out because he was never licensed to be an agent with the California Labor Commission, which is required when procuring work for artists in the State of California.

In related news, the 76-year-old icon will serve as the executive music producer of Netflix’s new untitled animated show for kids. The series will chronicle the life and adventures of “a shy 8-year-old boy named Ben who lives in Motown, an imaginary city inspired by the rich musical culture and history of Detroit.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful new series that will embrace the magic of Motown and present our songs to a whole new generation of fans and their entire families,” Robinson told Netflix. “I’m so impressed with Josh’s creative vision for the series and can’t wait to play my part in bringing it to the world.”


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