Friday, July 23, 2021

What Happened to US Government Employee Kanika Powell?

kanika powell
LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Crime Watch Daily investigates the mysterious murder of Kanika Powell, a loving daughter and military veteran by speaking to her grieving mother, Judy Forrest.

After returning from a tour of duty in Korea, Powell landed her dream job at the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab working as a security contractor with a top secret security clearance. Forrest describes Powell’s highly confidential job saying, “it [had] to do something with the military. She’d have to go to California or Florida, but what she did there I don’t know. She couldn’t tell me that.”

Soon after, Powell began experiencing strange and unexpected occurrences at her Maryland apartment just outside of Washington D.C. Forrest recounts, “she called to say ma, these two men just knocked on my door saying they were from the FBI…they put up a fake badge…she called the police.” The incident frightened Powell so much that she sent an email to friends and family warning them to watch out for strange men knocking on doors.

However, the alarming encounters didn’t stop. Just five days later, a strange man knocked on her door in the early morning hours saying he had a package for her. The man disappeared and another knocked on her door just twelve hours later saying the same thing. In all instances, the men had called Powell by her full name. After the second man with a package appeared at her doorstep, Powell called her mother scared and said that she was going to stay home to avoid going out in the dark. Later that day, Powell’s mother received another phone call – this time from the police informing her that her daughter had been shot right outside her front door.

Authorities say the case has very few leads and don’t know the identity of the killer or their motive.

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