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Questions: WHY is This MLB Star Groping Older Woman’s Boobs? – WHY Did He Upload it to Social Media? | WATCH

*Wait. What da …?! Is this some kind of surreal twist? MLB sensation Aroldis Chapman seems to be quite handsy and attached to his mama, as evidenced by a rather peculiar video that emerged recently.

In the clip, the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher can be seen getting cozy with an older lady—presumably his mother.

The two-time World Series champ shared this eyebrow-raising moment on his Instagram story. It’s a scene where he’s lounging on a couch with a woman who bears a striking resemblance to his mom, Maria Caridad De La Cruz, reports TMZ.

Chapman, sporting a grin from ear to ear, is noticeably hands-on in the video, playfully squeezing the woman’s breasts while she casually pats his back.

Aroldis Chapman - Instagram
Aroldis Chapman – Instagram

There’s a fleeting moment where it seems like the woman attempts to redirect Chapman’s wandering hand, but the playful groping persists.

Predictably, Chapman – who won World Series Championships with the Yankees and Rangers – found himself trending on various platforms shortly after the video went public, with scores of people expressing their disbelief and shock.

The video has since vanished from Chapman’s page, and as of now, he hasn’t addressed the uproar. But it’s safe to assume he’ll be hearing a few choice words from fans in the ballpark about this incident.

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