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Why Asking for a Receipt at McDonald’s Can Make a Big Difference | Video

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*Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on the go or indulging in a late-night craving, a visit to McDonald’s often means convenience and efficiency. 

However, beyond just satisfying your hunger, there’s an important reason why you should always remember to ask for a receipt. That seemingly mundane slip of paper can hold significant value, offering benefits ranging from ensuring order accuracy to participating in valuable promotions and feedback programs. 

So, before you discard the receipt, consider why that small but mighty piece of paper is worth keeping.

According to Taste of Home, here’s why you should always ask for a McDonald’s receipt:

It might sound funny, but it has to do with how McDonald’s employees are trained. Employees are on the lookout for secret shoppers or mystery shoppers. These customers are paid to order from McDonald’s and give them reviews on the quality of food (mostly the bestselling menu items) and customer service. And this is isn’t something that only happens once in a while—it’s a few times a day!

So what’s the importance of asking for a receipt? These special customers are reimbursed for their meals, so asking for a receipt is commonplace. Employees even have projected windows for these customers to order, between 12-2 p.m. and 5-7 p.m. Asking for a receipt sends a signal to the McDonald’s employees to make sure your meal is fresh and delicious.

Learn more in the clip below, in which a McDonald’s worker explains why you should always ask for a receipt.

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