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Upcoming Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler Movie Could Mark New Level For Duo

Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler Photo / Jamie McCarthy/WireImage
Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler Photo / Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

*In the span of four films, Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler have carved a successful pattern of collaborations. From critical independent film success (“Fruitvale Station”) to reigniting interest in the Rocky franchise (“Creed”) to cementing the Black Panther character’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (“Black Panther” and “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”), Jordan and Coogler = film industry success.

As the duo gets set to work on their next project, fans look forward to another level reached. If things go right, that will be the case.

According to ScreenRant, little is known about the pending effort, other than it will be a historical period piece involving a vampire story. Despite their successful track record, the feature would find Coogler and Jordan in uncertain waters with the period piece.

Yet, things could swim another way, demonstrating the range of the productive duo, making them even more well-rounded and appealing for those searching for a solid pair to helm whatever project they have in mind.

“Not only is the collaboration exciting because it sees the two deviate from their usual subject material, but it can also reflect their range in a way not yet seen,” ScreenRant expressed while acknowledging the impact of the film’s distributor, Warner Bros.

Ryan Coogler (left) & Michael B. Jordan (right) / Photo: MICHAEL BUCKNER/GETTY IMAGES FOR CINEMACON.
Ryan Coogler (left) & Michael B. Jordan (right) / Photo: MICHAEL BUCKNER/GETTY IMAGES FOR CINEMACON.

“With Warner Bros. distributing Jordan and Coogler’s new movie, audiences familiar with both their body of work and the legendary film company can expect an engaging story filled with impressive special effects, as the company’s previous successes like The Matrix and Harry Potter franchises have already demonstrated. Additionally, Coogler is set to write and produce the new movie in addition to directing Jordan as the lead, and with previous critical and commercial successes like Creed and Black Panther, their new movie is positioned to be a first for both Coogler and Jordan.”

Although both men have earned respect from critics, peers and moviegoers, the fact that Coogler nor Jordan have earned Best Actor or Best Director honors for their team ups from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS)is a noticeable glare.

Taking note of this, ScreenRant is hopeful Coogler and Jordan will fill that void with their first-ever period piece.

“Some of Michael B. Jordan’s best movies have come by way of Coogler’s focused and compelling direction, which is one of the reasons why their upcoming movie is sure to be one of their best yet,” the site explained. “Considering the film is set to be a historical period piece, the subjects covered will likely lend themselves to Academy Award recognition while also showcasing a different side of both men’s creativity. Because Jordan and Coogler’s collaborations have spanned the course of a decade, either or perhaps both winning an Oscar would be fitting for their careers,” the site explained.

“An Oscar win would serve as the perfect metaphor for their working relationship in the industry…To see Jordan and Coogler evolve from a modestly funded independent film to reigniting interest in the Rocky franchise and the Black Panther character to potentially winning an Academy Award would perfectly describe their work ethic. With Michael B. Jordan in the lead and Ryan Coogler handling new material in the director’s chair, an Oscar win is a real possibility.”

So, what say you? Do you feel Coogler and Jordan’s next film will take them to the next level and earn Oscar potential and a win for them? Or do they still have a way to go in bringing another dimension to their repertoire? Feel free to scroll down to share your thoughts.

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