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The Pulse of Entertainment: ‘Why Not’ Video of AngelicVoices Debut at #3 on 4M.TV World Chart | WATCH

Scene from AngelicVoicesMusic video Why Not
Scene from AngelicVoicesMusic video Why Not

*“They follow me on Instagram,” said Hip-Hop artist/keyboardist Angelic, also known as AngelicVoices and AngelicVoicesMusic, about his newest music video “Why Not“ (AngelicVoicesMinistry/Symphonic) appearing on 4M.TV’s Music Block World’s Top 10 Best Artist Chart. “I learned we charted above Ne-Yo from Asim. He said how the video was #3 beating Ne-Yo’s ‘Linked Up Remix’ featuring Fabolous. They (4M.TV) said it was a world chart.”

Though lately this Bronx, NY native has been making big moves with his chart-topping music video, his billboard appearance through his record/video distributor, his tennis shoe line (, his music channel (, a record label ( with music/video production divisions, and his Christian music ministry at Messengers of Light Church in The Bronx, he is not new to the music ministry business. The “Why Not” single is an Urban Gospel track about praising God even through the challenges in life.

Asim Robinson, who he mentioned, is a rapper on the same label under the stage name Asim I.I. and he is a featured rapper on the “Why Not” single. Asim recently released his single of the imprint titled “The Christmas Song” (AngelicVoicesMinistry/Symphonic) featuring Keisha Martin and The Soyemi Sisters, with an accompanying music video produced by AngelicVoicesMusic and Likevision.

The “Why Not” music video debuted at #3 on the 4M.TV Music Block World’s Top 10 Best Artist Chart. Because of the video placement, his fans on social media are commenting that they cannot wait for the next music video. AngelicVoicesMusic took a 10-year break from the music business and looks like he is trying to make up for time lost. At that time, he had a publishing arrangement with CBS Viacom and Sony Orchard

“Everyone gets one vote per month,” he informed me when I asked how he could rank higher than Ne-Yo’s music video. “After I submitted the music video, they had to hit me up to tell me what was going on (his music video was placed).”

Vanderbilt Evans Jr.
Vanderbilt Evans, Jr. aka AngelicVoicesMusic.

“I couldn’t believe it,” AngelicVoices continued. “There are a lot of other things they are doing. They have a TV network with over 90 channels. I just checked (for this month) we are at #4 and Ne-yo at #5. The video list includes artists that are hot in their particular countries.”

Born Vanderbilt Evans, Jr. the talented Hip-Hop artist started DJing at the tender age of 12 and hasn’t stopped since. He became a well-sought-after DJ, along with DJ EZ Rock, DJ Stevie D, and his cousin DJ Aqanza Jones. His music skills grew to define him as a producer. Proficient in most genres – Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, and Country – he is working on several projects. One project is with Latoya Hanson the original DJ for the group Salt and Pepper, a Jazz/Hip-Hop album with rapper Asim I.I., and a Contemporary Gospel EP project that includes choirs titled “Spiritual Overtones.” Angelic is also the winner of the Producers’ Challenge for the Live at Webster Hall competition.

“I’m starting to build (presence) on TikTok,” said the ASCAP member.

AngelicVoices met Asim while working at the Bad Boy Studios for a Cypher Challenge of Livewell Network. Asim was on a Cypher tour at the time when he was told that the music he was rapping to was AngelicVoicesMusic tracks. He was told that Angelic happened to be in the studio, and from there, a friendship was sparked. Their friendship developed to include a partnership in many ventures that were to follow. One venture was performing together at events such as at the 23rd Los Angeles ULMII Entertainment Conference’s National Talent Competition where they performed “Why Not” and won the grand prize.

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