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The D.I.V.A. Principle Conference Sets the Stage for Transformation in Atlanta and Chicago with Michelle McKinney Hammond | VIDEO

Michelle McKinney Hammond's D.I.V.A. Principle Conference is coming up
Michelle McKinney Hammond

*In an era where empowerment and resilience are more than just buzzwords, Dr. Michelle McKinney Hammond’s D.I.V.A. Principle Conference emerges as a beacon of hope, transformation, and divine inspiration. Set to take the cities of Atlanta and Chicago by storm this April and May, the conference is designed to be a life-altering journey for women ready to EMERGE into their fullest potential.

A Gathering Like No Other

The D.I.V.A. Principle Conference is far from your ordinary assembly. With events scheduled for April 26-27, 2024, at Metro City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and May 3-4, 2024, at Park Community Church in Chicago, Illinois, this conference promises an environment that fosters personal growth, spiritual enrichment, and the empowerment of women. But what sets it apart is its heart and soul, embodied by the visionary Dr. Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Dr. Hammond, celebrated for her profound impact as an author, speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur, emphasizes that this conference is unlike any other: “It’s very intimate and a safe environment to share. Women leave here saying, ‘I got way more than what I came for.’ We are not just people talking at you. We are there with you, helping you shift and change and be better – for life.”

Exclusive to Chicago: A Special Movie Preview

Elevating the Chicago leg of the conference is a unique offering: a special movie preview directed by Akosua Busia, known for her work in “The Color Purple,” with music by the legendary Stevie Wonder. This exclusive event underscores the conference’s commitment to blending empowerment with culture, providing attendees with an experience that nourishes both the soul and the intellect.

Michelle McKinney Hammond - The Diva Principle book cover
Michelle McKinney Hammond – The Diva Principle book cover

Diverse Aspects of Empowerment

The D.I.V.A. Principle Conference focuses on a wide range of topics, from amplifying self-esteem to honing emotional intelligence, all underpinned by a powerful call to action: to recalibrate lives, aligning minds, hearts, and actions with the deepest aspirations. A Special Evening of Music, Inspiration, and Real Talk, along with engaging panel discussions on resilience and reinvention, provides a platform for voices that echo triumph over adversity.

A Safe Space for Transformation

Michelle McKinney Hammond stresses the unique nature of the conference: “We are creating intimacy and putting God first – He’s the STAR. We are shifting mindsets and attitudes, DIVA style. We are going to tap into what God is saying and navigate through it, unpacking issues, and identifying those things that are blocking you.”

Engage with a Visionary

For those eager to delve deeper into Hammond’s transformative insights, engaging with her on social media is highly recommended. Follow her journey on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Experience her musical journey on Apple Music and Spotify, and explore her enriching blog, Lifetalk.

Michelle McKinney Hammond
Michelle McKinney Hammond

Join the Movement

The D.I.V.A. Principle Conference is more than an event; it’s a pivotal experience in Atlanta and Chicago, promising not just personal evolution but a collective upliftment. “The D.I.V.A. Principle Conference is back, and we are going places – Atlanta, Chicago, and Ghana (2025). We are talking about ‘Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude’,” states Hammond excitedly.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a life-changing journey. Secure your spot today and be ready to EMERGE victorious, empowered, and utterly transformed. Hammond said, “This is a conference that shakes, wakes, and promises a journey like no other.”

Official Website:

Empower yourself. Discover the D.I.V.A. within you, and let it illuminate your path to greatness.

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