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EP’s Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon Rave About Colin Farrell’s Performance in Noir Series ‘Sugar’ | EURwebVideoExclusive

Colin Farrell and Kirby
Kirby and Colin Farrell and in the noir SUGAR on Apple TV+ / Credit: Apple TV+

*In an exclusive discussion with the executive producers of the gripping new series “SUGAR” featuring Colin Farrell, Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon lauded the actor’s performance and dedication to the Apple TV original.

Created by Mark Protosevich, the eight-episode series stars Farrell as John Sugar, an American private investigator on the heels of the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Siegel, the beloved granddaughter of legendary Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel. As Sugar tries to determine what happened to Olivia, he will also unearth Siegel’s family secrets; some very recent, others long-buried. Watch the trailer below.

“I really want to stress, it’s not just a typical detective series where you’re picking up clues and you’re going to find out who the bad guy is. It’s not that. That’s part of it,” series star Amy Ryan told us exclusively. “We’ll find out what happens, but it’s really through the eyes of his character, and his obsession with old Hollywood films, and how he relates to every person he meets,” she said of John Sugar.

“Somehow, there’s a reference for a film, a scene, a line, an actor, and it just pops in so effortlessly and seamlessly that you’re really just taken,” Ryan continued. “You’re not just picking up clues, again for the missing person case, but you’re following this man’s emotional journey through it as well. And then you’ll start to learn what he is hiding, and he’s going to start to deal with his secrets, and that’ll be fun for the audience when he does.”

Directed by Fernando Meirelles (“City of God,” “Two Popes”), the series also stars Kirby (“Sandman”), Amy Ryan (“The Wire”), James Cromwell (“Succession”), Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”), Dennis Boutsikaris (“Better Call Saul”), Nate Corddry (“Mindhunter”), Sydney Chandler (“Don’t Worry Darling”), and Alex Hernandez (“Invasion”).

Kinberg and Chon highlighted Farrell’s unwavering commitment to his role, emphasizing his extraordinary talent and significant contribution to vividly portraying the world of “Sugar.”

“I think what drew us to it was pretty simple. We got a great script by the show’s creator, writer Mark Protosevich. He wrote the first couple episodes, and we were hooked after the first episode,” Kinberg told us.

“We loved the tone of it. We loved the world of it. We most especially loved the character he’d created in John Sugar and Mark himself is a huge cinephile, and loves old classic Hollywood movies, especially the film noir genre. It’s a genre that we both like,” he continued.

“We were really hooked by this combination of something that felt really classic and celebrating the best of Hollywood while also being very new and fresh and modern and investigating the worst of Hollywood too. Really it started with the script,” Kinberg said.

Chon added, “As an EP, Colin was a real asset to the show in so many ways. If you think about all the films and TV shows he’s worked on and all the incredible directors and actors he’s been working alongside of, he brought that depth of experience to the show and also infused all of our conversations from the beginning of prep to production all the way through post with his perspective, not only about his character, John Sugar and the story but just his knowledge and awareness of cinema and everything we’re aspiring to do. It was an amazing collaboration with Colin.”

Watch Simon and Audrey delve deeper into collaborating with Colin and the creative energy he brings to the project in our exclusive conversation below.

The first two episodes of “Sugar” launched on April 5. New episodes will air every Friday through May 17. 

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