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Kirby Dishes on Intriguing New Noir Series ‘Sugar’ on Apple TV+ | EUR Video Exclusive

Colin Farrell and Kirby
Colin Farrell and Kirby in the noir SUGAR on Apple TV+

*In a recent conversation with Kirby, we delved into the intriguing new noir series “Sugar” on Apple TV+ starring Colin Farrell.

From its mysterious premise to its talented cast and immersive cinematography, “Sugar” promises to be a captivating journey into the world of crime, corruption, and deception – with a surprise twist. 

Created by Mark Protosevich, the eight-episode series stars Farrell as John Sugar, an American private investigator on the heels of the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Siegel, the beloved granddaughter of legendary Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel. As Sugar tries to determine what happened to Olivia, he will also unearth Siegel family secrets; some very recent, others long-buried. Watch the trailer below.

“What initially drew me to the role, to the show was the creative team that was already assembled before I got on board,” Kirby shared with EUR. 

“When I got on board, I hadn’t read a script. I didn’t know exactly what the story was. But I knew it was a neo-noir. I knew it was a detective story. But I didn’t know the ins and outs of it,” she continued. “What I did know, I knew that Colin was attached as executive producer and as the lead actor, and I knew that the pilot would be directed by Fernando Meirelles. And just those two people being attached from the beginning made me feel like this was going to be a project that had great significance.”

The actress added, “I think that Colin’s work has spanned every single genre possible, and Fernando has created some of the most iconic cinema that we have. I felt like together, this would be a project that would be unlike anything else.”

Directed by Fernando Meirelles (“City of God,” “Two Popes”), the eries also stars Kirby (“Sandman”), Amy Ryan (“The Wire”), James Cromwell (“Succession”), Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”), Dennis Boutsikaris (“Better Call Saul”), Nate Corddry (“Mindhunter”), Sydney Chandler (“Don’t Worry Darling”), and Alex Hernandez (“Invasion”).

“Sugar” launches with the first two episodes on Friday, April 5. New episodes will air every Friday through May 17. 

Watch our exclusive conversation with Kirby below.

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