Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Transgender Influencer Sidney Starr Enlists Darius McCrary to Lure OnlyFans Subscribers

Sidney Starr Enlists Darius McCrary
Sidney Starr and Darius McCrary / screenshot

*Transgender influencer Sidney Starr enlisted her close friend Darius McCrary to spark online controversy and get folks to subscribe to her OnlyFans account.

Sidney posted a video of herself and Darius grinding and kissing along with the caption: “Y’ALL WANNA SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WITH ME AND ME EDDIE WINSLOW?? SUBSCRIBE TO MY ONLYFANS RIGHT NOW.”

The post generated mixed reactions on social media, with one X/Twitter user writing, “Eddie Winslow been freaky. This is nothing new. He has children by….. And sat here years ago doing an interview saying he was the real superhead. He said he was the real eater in all his relationships so…”

Another person wrote, “Eddie Winslow f*cking with Sidney Starr on her OnlyFans was not on my bingo card…2024 is really off the chain.”

Watch Darius and Sydney in action in the Twitter clip below.

McCrary, renowned for his role on “Family Matters,” and Sidney Starr have previously garnered attention online through similar spectacles, leading many to conclude that the pair are secret lovers.

“Me and Darius, we came together to cause a positive movement and a moment for the world to break barriers,” she said during an interview on “The Real.”

“It’s Ok for a straight heterosexual male to be friends with a beautiful known trans woman, or a gay guy, or someone that is not really normalized,” she added. “All we wanted to do was just kind of show you, like, look, hey, this is Ok.”

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