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‘Rust’ Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Sentenced to 18 Months for Fatal Shooting

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed
Hannah Gutierrez Reed watches her father Thell Reed leave the podium after he asked the judge not impose prison time on his daughter in First District Court, on April 15, 2024 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Photo by Eddie Moore-Pool/Getty Images)

“Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the 2021 fatal on-set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

On Monday (Apr. 15), Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer in New Mexico handed down the maximum penalty sentence for Guiterrez-Reed’s role in the tragedy, Complex reports. 

Hutchins was shot in the chest by a prop weapon during a gunfight scene in the Joel Souza-directed film. Guiterrez-Reed, 27, was accused of not properly inspecting the gun. The firearm, utilized by actor Alec Baldwin, was intended to be loaded with inert rounds. 

The jury convicted Guiterrez-Reed of involuntary manslaughter but did not find her guilty of evidence tampering.

In a statement, she expressed her disappointment with her portrayal in the media following the shooting.

“Your honor, when I took on ‘Rust,’ I was young and naive. But I took my job as seriously as I knew how to,” she said, per CBS News. “I beg you, please, don’t give me more time. The jury has found me in part at fault for this horrible tragedy, but that doesn’t make me a monster. That makes me human.” 

We reported earlier that Baldwin accidentally shot Hutchins in Oct. 2021 while filming a scene on the Western. Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed, were each charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter, per PEOPLE. Souza was also wounded in the shooting, hit by the same projectile that struck Hutchins.

Baldwin claims he did not pull the trigger. He pleaded not guilty to the involuntary manslaughter charge and is set to stand trial in July.

According to The New York Times, Baldwin faces up to 18 months in prison if convicted.

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