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Preachers’ Praise and False Tee-fusses Go Their Separate Ways in Hee-larious Viral Videos | WATCH!

Preacher-singer's dentures fall out while singing - screenshot
Preacher-singer’s dentures fall out while singing – screenshot

*In the latest episode of “What the Hey-all?!,” we go to church, only to find a brotha-man preacher/singer going viral with his teeth unexpectedly leaving his praise party.

Madame Noire reports the funny business came when the preacher was captured mid-song passionately singing a soulful hymn.

As he reached the high point of the tune, his artificial chompers must’ve caught the spirit as they tumbled out of his mouth.

Once social media users caught a glimpse of the preacher’s moment, it automatically gained thousands of views and laughs via TikTok and Instagram, among other social media outlets. Reaction to the clip ranged from outright laughs to heartfelt support for the teeth-less preacher.

“He should have used gorilla glue, not Elmer’s,” the text overlay of the video read in the user’s suggestion of better material to keep his teeth in his mouth.


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“🗣️Jesus spun the block for dude bc his faith is not wavering ‼️¸” another user, who recognized the preacher’s unwavering commitment to his message despite his teeth abandoning the cause.

Although the situation triggered serious reactions and encouraging words with some, others found the humor of it all with a slew of comments coming in to lighten the mood.

Check out the reactions surrounding the preacher and his loose teeth:

“How they say when u bout to mess up the song “take your time”🤣🤣” one user shared.

Preacher-singer's dentures fall out while singing - screenshot
Preacher-singer’s dentures fall out while singing – screenshot

“That’s right brother don’t let the devil steal your praise 😂🤣, 🙏🏿🙏🏿,” remarked one user, highlighting the preacher’s resilience in the face of adversity.

And there was this classic: “Today’s sermon: Bridging the Gap! Amen.”

As if that weren’t enough, check out another video of the same thing happening to a melenan-less preacher. Another sign of the universal nature of a good laugh. You gotta love it. It’s alright to laugh in church. Ain’t no shame in laughing in Jesus’ name.

Have a look at the other video:

@ginaluc25 If God is laughing so can we😅 #funny #comedyvideos ♬ Sneaky Friends – Eitan Epstein Music

So, which video brought the best laughs? Video one or video two? Scroll below to weigh in on the hilarious moments between the preachers.

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